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If it's American Made and Merino wool why should it be expensive? Why can't it be affordable? Are you tired of doubling up cotton socks ? Feeling numbness in your toes  or even paying $18 a pair for comfortable high quality merino wool socks ? Me too. That's why I started People Socks in 2012 and chose to make socks in the USA, to prove my competitors that the more people we help wear merino wool socks the better. 

2012: I was freezing my A$$ off during a typical New York city winter day and getting ready for a trip to Iceland ( it was on my bucket list) I walked in to a local REI [camping supply) shop in NYC in the hopes of finding a pair of warm socks since I was tired of cold feet and doubling up cotton socks. To my surprise there were many choices. I did realize that while there were some top quality branded merino wool socks, none of them were remotely affordable. But I figured you get what you pay for, right? I picked up 2 pairs of socks from two different brands and decided to test them out. They held up well with the normal pilling and shrinkage, but at $18 a pair they were super pricey for me to pick up again. While they were warm, none of them impressed my toes and certainly not my pocket. All along however, I knew there had to be a more affordable solution that provided great value to the consumer. I did a lot of research on the margins from ex-factory to retail pricing. My initial reaction was why can't we knit this locally? One way to do this was to first understand why these socks were retailing for so much. After a ton research - I realized we can provide the same top quality yarn in our socks, and if we only sold it online without the distribution margins we could essentially be offering the customer more for less, all while keeping it a 100% American made sock.

After many months of trying to convince a local factory to make smaller minimums for me, I decided to take the plunge and design, manufacture, knit 'below zero' in the USA with Australian/American Merino Wool. And no, you don't always get what you pay for . When a business focuses on keeping overhead low, it's possible to give the customer a top quality product with ALL the savings. 

So why Merino Wool ? 

The Merino is an economically influential breed of sheep prized for its wool. Merinos are regarded as having some of the finest and softest wool of any sheep. People Socks is a specialist in Merino Wool, and you will find our limited but specific range of socks to be comfortable for everyday urban wear as well as suited for your next hiking and ice-climbing expedition.

We did many tests with American merino wool and did not find the quality to hold up when compared to Australian Merino Wool. The best Merino wool in the world comes from Australia. People Socks only uses Australian merino wool, but rest assured all socks are manufactured in the USA.


Here's how we are changing the landscape for merino wool socks.




1) Made in USA: Designed in downtown Brooklyn. Locally made in the USA (North Carolina and adding more factories over time as we grow) . All our socks are made in the south including the sock bands. We pride ourselves on using local factories, monitoring quality, which is all backed by a top quality service. 


2) Great Value: By selling directly to the consumer via the internet only , we can offer the end customer all the savings. According to our research this means you will easily end up with an extra pair or two , since the average merino wool pair sells for about $16 a pair. Compare our socks to REI or Smart Wool hiking socks and you will find a better socks for People for less.

3) The Peoples Promise : Got holes already ? No problem! we'll replace it for free. This is a 12 month warranty from purchase date, and covers one change. Just send us an image(s), your order number and confirm your ship-to address (we only ship to USA addresses that can be tracked) and we'd gladly help. Please email us at 

**Pilling is the nature of the beast that you're wearing and cannot be claimed as 'defective'. Wear socks that are the correct size that are snug.

4) Distribution: No expensive fancy flagship stores - just affordable , top quality socks shipped straight to you from our warehouse partner in the Mid-west. Brooklyn just became too expensive to ship from , but we still design everything from our Brooklyn space. 

 5) Merino Wool Yarn : Top quality Merino Wool that would naturally make all People Socks anti bacterial and wick away moisture. We use the best merino wool which is made in Australia, New Zealand or stateside.

6) Where do you source everything else from? : All our Nylon, Poly and Spandex is sourced from local mills. Our socks are also printed and sourced locally to save on shipping time and create a more efficient local supply chain.

6) Cutting out the MiddleMan = Crazy Savings :

We sell online only. This means we sell straight to you from our website. Our competition and for that matter traditional businesses sell through retail partners and have sales staff and marketing teams that drive up the cost. Why should you pay for such a long line of inefficiencies. People Socks breaks the mold and provides you with a more affordable pair of merino wool socks at unbeatable prices, all while keeping our local factories busy and those machines humming. In other words we run a very efficient business, that helps more people convert from cotton to merino wool softness. You get comfy feet for less.

7) What's your marketing budget? People - refer - People

Stay Comfy! and thank you for your support. 


For any amazon order related questions please contact Amazon or contact the only authorized seller directly on Amazon directly [Brooklyn Shop] All other People Socks on the market are considered fake. 

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*all returns are paid by the customer but People Promise claims must be authorized by us first. We only provide customer service and guarantee socks purchased on 

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