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PEOPLE All Mixed Up: Factory seconds


$ 89.90
  • 71% Merino wool: 21% Nylon, 7% Polyester, 1% Spandex

If you aren't picky with PEOPLE, then this is for you.

"PEOPLE ALL MIXED UP" So what is a "remainder sock"? in short, it's BRAND NEW rejected "PEOPLE SOCKS" Below Zero Crew or Quarter, from our factory.

With each production run, there are defects during the knitting cycle that are caught during the final quality control stage. Sadly about 3% of fully knitted yarn doesn't make the final cut and is instead sold at a discount to various causes. It's worth noting that our quality control [QC] is highly selective on what makes the final bag which is what you've been used to buying, so "remainder" socks are not thrown away and instead are donated to disaster relief, local soup kitchen initiatives or go-fund-me campaigns after a thorough vetting process. We now wanted to give you a crack at these since it provides another way to help community and those people gain access to warm merino wool socks that couldn't otherwise afford it. 

1. the socks are ALL brand new hot off the knitting board
2. the socks may have a minor knitting snag, loose thread, or imperfect color 
3. the socks may or may not have minor size differences

4. One packet may be a variety pack or one color and each order might have other colors not in the image like green or navy. We've tried our best to pair things up and you get what we send, no exceptions :)  

  • 71% Merino wool: 21% Nylon, 7% Polyester, 1% Spandex

5. these remainder socks are only carried by us on the website

Please note: we want to make sure you realize that this listing is separate from the everyday PEOPLE that you are used to buying. These socks are the same socks, but with defects and are all mixed up. 

We have a limited supply of these each year and at the moment we will look to use the revenue from the "PEOPLE ALL MIXED UP" sock collection towards booking a more advanced sock knitting factory in the Alabama area that creates more technical socks and higher quality seamless toe variations, but requires very high opening orders since they only have a few machines. 

Thank you for supporting our local venture, which is now 10 years strong.

*Price includes FREE Shipping within the USA.

*DISCOUNTS or Discount Codes of any kind are not allowed on this. 

*All sales are final. No returns, exchanges or People Promise.

*You agree not to resell these socks and your purchase is only good for personal use

Are you a People Person ?

The Peoples Promise : Got holes already ? No problem! we'll replace it for free. This is a 12 month warranty from purchase date, and covers one change. Just send us an image(s), your order number and confirm your ship-to address (we only ship to USA addresses that can be tracked) and we'd gladly help. Please email us at 

some exceptions:

*purchase must have been made on

*Pilling is the nature of merino wool and cannot be claimed as 'defective'. Wear socks that are the correct size that are snug.


For any amazon order related questions please contact Amazon or contact the only authorized seller directly on Amazon directly [Brooklyn Shop] 

All unworn returns are paid by the customer but People Promise claims must be authorized by us first. We only provide customer service and guarantee socks purchased on and ship replacements once a month. 

General return/refund policy

 *note: we do not take returns on worn socks. If you plan on returning unworn socks, we can issue you a shipping label, which will be debited from your final return once received and examined. You wouldn't return used underwear, please don't return worn socks. Yikes! Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Stay Comfy! and thank you for your support. 

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